Community Practices

About Community Practices

Community Practices are adaptations of our regular training that’s intended to remove any obstacle that might keep you from partaking in the joyful and satisfying training that is Aikido! No experience necessary. No commitment. No training uniforms. No falling to the mat or other physically challenging activities. No fees. These practices illustrate themes that permeate Aikido training and the tools and techniques that enable us to embody them. They're suitable for a wide range of ages and physical abilities.

Community Practices are a perfect way to just get a taste of what Aikido is all about and to experience why all kinds of people all over the world love to practice it! Maybe you know someone who trains and you're curious to understand it better. Maybe you can't practice regularly but would like to be able to drop in. Maybe you're concerned your physical abilities don't lend themselves to regular practice. Maybe you're just up for trying something new. Whatever is sparking your curiosity, this is your invitation to come join us on the mat!

For a little more information about what to expect at practice, please check out our page about Your First Practice.

Community Practice Schedule

Community practices typically happen once or twice per month, but are not yet on a fixed schedule. You can email us to find out when the next one is coming up, or join our mailing list to always keep up with our upcoming events!