Your First Practice

What to Expect

Whether you're joining us for one of our regular practices or a Community Practice, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • It's not 100% required, but it is very helpful if you email us to let us know that you'll be visiting our for practice. Please also email us if you have any questions.

  • Please arrive a few minutes before the start of practice. We'd like a moment to meet you and if it's your first time training with us, we'll need to verify your vaccination and have you sign a release form. If you arrive after we've started, please just wait on the side of the mat until someone can meet you and help you join in.

  • Practices require no previous experience or skills and no particular level of fitness. You will practice physical movements solo and with partners, but always at your own pace and level of comfort. If you have an injury or physical limitation, please let us know.

  • There is a moderate amount of physical contact with multiple people throughout a practice. Please make sure your hands, feet, body and clothes are clean. Please be respectful of when and how you make physical contact with your partners on the mat. No part of practice will be either aggressive or competitive with your partners.

  • Please wear clothing that you're comfortable moving in. Loose-fitting is better than form-fitting. It's best to avoid anything that dangles (like hoods) or any hard parts (zippers, buttons). Tee shirt or sweatshirt and sweatpants or athletic shorts are a good choice. Most jewelry will need to be removed for safety. We don't wear shoes on the mat. Socks or bare feet are both fine. There are individual changing areas available for your use.

  • You may notice more experienced practitioners observing some of our traditional etiquette or using unfamiliar words, borrowed from Aikido's Japanese origins. We / they may encourage you to observe parts of this etiquette as well, but please don't be nervous about it. No one expects you to be familiar with it and no one is judging you if you're not sure when to bow. Just do your best to follow along.

  • Aikido practice is a fun experience to share. We encourage you to bring some friends, family, colleagues or others along with you!