Seattle Kokikai Aikido


If you are interested in learning Aikido, we invite you to practice with us! We are a non-profit, community practice group sharing high quality training in central Seattle. Whether you are experienced in the art or have no idea what you’re getting into, you can get in touch, visit a practice and discover what we do. If you haven’t done Aikido before, you might find training with us surprising. Our practice is empowering. Not just in the ways you’d expect from a martial art (like building fitness, coordination and self-defense proficiency) but also in other ways that are enriching for day to day life (developing your confidence, calmness and mental clarity)

Our practice is also completely cooperative, in the way that a team might scrimmage with itself. We like to play hard to challenge ourselves, but always with the intention of helping each other improve. In that way, everyone has the opportunity to practice successfully, regardless of size, shape or background. Our aim is not to train soldiers or champions, but ordinary people toward exceptional character and vitality.

Because we have a fascination and appreciation for our practice, we’re always interested in sharing it. The only way to find out if Kokikai Aikido will be as fun and enriching for you as it is for us is to try it yourself. If you’re curious, come find out! We welcome people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, orientations and identities to join us!

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New and Prospective Members

For anyone interested in trying our practice, we offer an introductory special of 4 practices for $40. You can use these for any of our regular practices that best fit your schedule, anytime within 2 months of purchase. You are also welcome to visit any of our practices as our guest. Please write to us at to schedule a time to visit or to inquire about the introductory special.

Another great way to get a taste of Aikido is by joining us for our free Community Practices.

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