How to Choose an Aikido Dojo

Curious about joining an Aikido group but not sure what to look for? 

Here are considerations to keep in mind to find one that's right for you!

It’s pretty common for people to select a place to practice Aikido, or any martial art for that matter, without much perspective on what to look for in a training environment. Sometimes this works out just fine. They stumble onto something that meets their needs and go with it. Sometimes though, people don’t find what they’re looking for and decide that martial arts, or Aikido in particular, isn’t for them. This guide is to help you understand some of the variations you might find among Aikido dojos (schools) and think through what to look for to find a good fit for yourself. 

The list of topics below is split into three categories: (1) things everyone should consider in choosing a dojo, (2) things you may want to consider depending on your own preferences, and (3) things you may be tempted to consider but are not actually very useful for assessing your options.

1) Things everyone should consider in selecting a dojo 

Fortunately, the things at the top of the list to look for are also the most intuitive. 

2) Things you might or might not choose to consider in selecting a dojo 

3) Things that you can probably pay less attention to than you might think