Family Training

Family Training

Our dojo doesn’t offer a kids-only program. However we invite parents and kids to train together in our regular adult practices. This arrangement offers a unique opportunity for families to share the experience of learning and growing together. Here’s how it works:

  • Our classes are oriented for adults. In order to be included, kids must be able to participate without requiring significant special attention. Twelve years or older is a good starting point, but not a fixed rule. We assess individuals case by case to determine if our training is a good fit.

  • It is required that parents are training whenever their kids are training. We will consider allowing kids to train without their parents present typically at age sixteen.

  • Parents and kids training with us works best when they are each individually inspired to train. Parents coming only for the benefit of their kids, or kids being pressured into training by their parents, are both scenarios we discourage.

  • We regularly make small modifications to practice to ensure everyone can train safely. In the case of kids, this mostly means we’ll adjust techniques to protect their developing joints from injury.

  • A kid’s membership can be added to a regular adult membership for an additional $30 per month

Interested? Get in touch to schedule a time to visit or join one of our Community Practices.